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eTree Story Builder

eTree is a software tool that lets you build family history stories that include pictures, video, and audio as part of the story. It is very simple to use and even simpler to share your stories with family and friends.

eTree runs locally and works on both a Mac (High Sierra and above) and a PC.

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NIFDplus Device

  • Pornography Filter
  • Ad Blocker
  • PLEX Media Server
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • 32GB U3 MicroSD Pro

Just like the NIFDplus Device Device, the NIFDplus Device device removes pornography from your home network, blocks unwanted ads to reclaim internet bandwidth, and includes a PLEX Media Server. The NIFDplus Device Device comes in a much nicer case with a fan so that this device runs about 20° cooler. It is also powered by a professional SD card that has a higher guaranteed read and write speed. With a cooler device and a faster drive it will serve up your media better.

NIFDplus Device plugs into your router so it protects ANY device on your network - PC, mac, tablets, phones, smart TVs, iPods, etc. It also forces "safe search" on Google and Bing so that image searches are much safer.

Since there is no subscription needed, the only cost is the initial purchase. For the PLEX media server you will need an external USB drive (not included) to put your movies, music, picture, etc on.

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NIFDplus Software SD Card

If you already have a NIFDplus Device device and want the latest and greatest enhancements this is the ticket!

Or if you already own a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and want to turn it into a NIFD device this is also the ticket!

Instructions: Simply power off your device and replace the MicroSD Card with this one. Power it back on and you are all set.

Comes loaded with the most current software updates. 32 GB MicroSD Card Class 10 U3 speed class insures a smooth media experience.
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This 32GB Class 10 U3 MicroSD card is specifically designed for enhanced read and write speeds.
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